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Case Study: Breathing new life into property maintenance services

Our client is a leading provider of property maintenance services across London, offering comprehensive solutions that cater to a diverse range of property needs. Their services extend beyond simple call-out repairs for doors, windows, and plumbing emergencies. They also provide specialised services tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, their aim is to deliver effective and long-lasting solutions.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, our client witnessed a significant drop in income. The challenge was to reduce overheads and expand their customer base while maintaining the quality of their services. Ultimately, through strategic planning and adaptation, our client turned a period of hardship into an opportunity to refine and enhance their services.

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The Solution

Our team designed a bespoke invoice finance solution to ensure minimal downtime for our client's operations. We recognised that with the anticipated increase in client numbers, invoice finance would be pivotal to the client's success, as cash flow is crucial in any business. By offering improved credit terms to their new customers while maintaining cash flow through the business, we were able to ensure sustainable growth for our client while fostering long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Case Study: Key Takeaways

We were able to improve our client's financial resilience, enabling them to increase their customer base and cashflow with a £100K Invoice finance facility. This was achieved through the use of invoice finance, which unclogged their cash flow and freed up time for other important aspects of their business.

Facilities Maintenance Provider - Case Study
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