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Purchase Finance: Empowering businesses for growth

Running a business is often a challenging juggling act. Waiting for clients to pay so you can settle your own debts with suppliers can cause stress and uncertainty. This is where purchase finance can make a significant difference. Our purchase finance solution is designed to perfectly balance these competing needs, satisfying both your suppliers' needs and those of your own business by enabling you to pay your suppliers upfront. But why should you choose purchase finance, and how can it benefit your business?

What is Purchase Finance?

A purchase finance facility from Regency Factors seamlessly complements our invoice finance solution. With this integrated approach, we ensure that you have access to the necessary funds to fulfill your upcoming substantial purchase orders. By bridging the gap in cashflow, we empower businesses to confidently handle their financial obligations and seize growth opportunities without any delays or setbacks.

Why choose Purchase Finance?

A common challenge faced by businesses is the lack of cashflow to finance their purchase orders, especially when there are multiple lucrative sales opportunities on the horizon. With Regency Factors' purchase finance solution, you can overcome this hurdle and obtain the necessary funds to fulfill your next significant purchase order, ensuring your business continues to thrive.

Benefits to businesses

By implementing a purchase finance strategy, you not only enhance your bargaining power with suppliers but also improve your cashflow management. With the flexibility to pay upfront, you can secure favourable terms, streamline your procurement process and avoid any costly late payment fees from your suppliers.

Ultimately, purchase finance is a tool for growth. It provides the funding that fuels the growth of your business, allowing you to take on more orders and expand your operations without worrying about cash flow.

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