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Case Study: a Successful Fish Product Manufacturer

This case study is a manufacturer of value added fish and seafood products to the food service market and supply their products to restaurants and supermarkets across the UK.

Fast forward from their beginnings as fishermen and fishmongers, they have grown substantially and remain a family run business with a passion for quality, value for money

and customer service.

fish and chips

Our client found that their incumbent financier was restricting the funding available. They established that they were not performing adequate credit control on their sales ledger,

resulting in invoices being assigned back to them to chase themselves.

This situation meant that they were reaching the concentration limits on their larger customers and their lender was further restricting funding.

This reduction in cashflow meant that they were struggling to pay their suppliers for the fish and seafood they needed.

The team at Regency worked quickly to ensure that the invoice finance facility was in place so we could pay back the incumbent lender.

Our skilled credit control team immediately got to work on their account, seeing an immediate impact on the cashflow available to the business, enabling them to pay suppliers on time for their fish and seafood requirements.

Fish Supplier and manufacturer - Case Study
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