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Regency Factors Trade Finance Case Study: Success in the Gaming Sector

For over 30 years, Regency has been structuring innovative financial solutions that empower businesses to thrive and expand. Our comprehensive approach to managing cash flow has enabled us to support our clients in their growth journey, providing them with the financial muscle they need to take the big leaps forward. This provides an overview of how we used invoice and trade finance to help a leading game manufacturing company expand their operations.

Client Overview

Our client is an industry leader in the gaming sector, creating engaging and interactive games that not only entertain but also act as a catalyst for learning and development. Their unique approach involves incorporating client specifications into game design, ensuring each product is tailor-made to meet particular educational requirements. Their board games offer an alternative approach to traditional teaching methods, promoting active participation and critical thinking among users.

The Challenge

The client had secured a large contract from a well-known blue-chip company and needed to purchase component parts from suppliers. Understanding the importance of cash flow in this scenario, and with their incumbent financier unable to provide a trade finance facility, the client approached Regency for our combined invoice finance and trade facility. This was to enable them to purchase components from suppliers and negotiate favourable credit terms with them.

A board game with pieces

The Finance Solution

We offered a £200K combined invoice and trade finance package to the client. This solution allowed them to unclog their cash flow and create more time for other important aspects of their business. The purchase finance aspect of our solution gave the business access to the cash it needed to fulfil the large purchase order. This approach provided a significant uplift in working capital for the business, allowing them to channel their resources towards expansion.


Thanks to the stable cash flow and ability to purchase components, the client was able to recruit new employees and expand sales. The invoice and trade finance facilities proved to be vital mechanisms for enabling business expansion while maintaining steady cash flow. Additionally, our solution offered a seamless transition from purchase finance to inventory finance to invoice finance, thereby releasing the working capital tied up in stock by borrowing against its stock value.

Key Takeaways

Our financial solution enabled the client to provide customers with credit terms and grow their business. It unclogged cash flow, allowing them to focus on other vital areas of their business. It also gave the business access to the cash it needed to fulfil the next large purchase order. In essence, our solution facilitated business growth by providing a stable cash flow and enabling the purchase of necessary components.

Case Study - Game Designer
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Regency is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their growth objectives. Our clients and partners work with us for our innovative solutions and dedicated service.


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