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Our supply chain finance brings together our individual finance products under one umbrella.  


Risking a valuable order is a situation no business relishes. It's the equivalent of having a gold nugget in your grasp only to let it slip away.

Regency provides a solution that runs like clockwork.  We understand that a robust supply chain is key to the success of any business operation and provides a seamless transition from purchase finance to inventory finance ensuring funds are available at every stage of the supply chain.  

Initially, our product/supply chain finance facility steps in to fund the purchase of the raw materials or products from your supplier, eliminating any potential hiccups in your supply chain.  Production goes uninterrupted and business continuity is maintained. 


This purchase finance is then repaid through our innovative inventory finance solution.

Ultimately, the inventory finance is then repaid on the successful sale of goods to your customer through the invoice finance facility. 

How can supply chain finance help your business? 

By integrating this inventive finance facility into your operation, you can concentrate on what matters most - growing your business and satisfying your customers.

This comprehensive approach not only assists in maintaining a steady cash flow but also fuels stability and growth in your business.

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  • Who is Invoice Finance for?
    Businesses of all shapes and sizes. Waiting to be paid is a universal pressure, regardless of the scale of your operation or sector you’re in. But it needn’t be. Invoice Finance releases the cash back in your business from the cash tied up in your invoices.
  • What do I need to be eligible for invoice finance?
    To be eligible for invoice financing your business needs to deal with other businesses, and normally raises invoices for payment. UK based Small-to-Medium sized businesses (SMEs) You can be starting up, growing or well established. We support many businesses at different stages with their growth ambitions
  • Is Invoice Finance better than a business loan?
    Both have their benefits and can help businesses access much needed working capital. In our eyes, some of the biggest differences are: The support that comes with an Invoice Finance facility: all of our facilities are managed by a dedicated Relationship Manager and credit controller. The flexibility of Working Capital finance: credit control, debtor protection and best for seasonal businesses Simply providing certainty of contract (i.e. not repayable on demand) and increased funding linked to sales, not the historic financial performance, will be a big plus to many businesses.
  • How much does Invoice Finance cost?
    We charge an ongoing service fee for the management of your ledger, and a discount fee (like an interest rate) for the cash we advance. Our fees are always competitively priced and totally transparent.
  • Do my customers need to know about my Invoice Finance facility?
    Yes, your customers will know about the facility.
  • What are the differences between invoice factoring and CHOCCs?
    There are many differences between factoring and CHOCCs, but the main difference is credit control. You get credit control services included as part of invoice factoring Invoice Factoring, as well as providing cash in exchange for invoices, also provides your business with a credit control function; in essence we load your sales ledger and customers onto our system in order to ‘mirror’ your own records. Our experienced and professional team consequently take the responsibility for securing the payments from your valuable customers, giving you the peace of mind that your customers are being dealt with by an industry-leading credit control team. We send statements and Remittance Advices each month and can tailor a chasing letter cycle to your requirements – in the age of ever-increasing costs of postage, this can be a valuable cost saving to your business. CHOCS is similar to invoice factoring as we again send letters and statements; however the primary telephone communication with your customers continues to lie with yourself. The acronym stands for Client Handles Own Credit Control.
  • What's the process?
    The process normally goes as follows: Once an enquiry has been logged either online or directly with a member of our team, the prospect will get a phone call within 24 hours to discuss their funding requirements and see whether our facilities would be able to help the prospect’s company. A member of our new business team will then look to arrange a meeting in person to have an in-depth chat and really find out what it is that makes the business tick. They’ll find out about the people behind the company and the product/service on offer. Our auditing team will look at the sales ledger, the nature and credit worthiness of the customer base, the supporting documents behind the creation of the invoice, the cashflow of your company and, to a lesser extent, its financial performance. If the prospect is deemed suitable for invoice finance, an offer will be drawn up with details of the type and size of the facility offered, plus charges and terms. If you’re happy with the offer, we’ll put the facility in place as soon as all documents are signed and returned!
  • Why choose Regency Factors?
    For our expertise and personal service. We don’t take a one size fits all approach to our financial solutions. Your finance will be tailored to your business with the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager.
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