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Unlock your business potential; Boost your cashflow today

Fast and flexible Finance

With the wisdom of 30 years of experience, our commitment to delivering top-tier services is unshakeable.  

The actual cost of an invoice finance facility is dependant on the services that you use and the number of invoices submitted.  

However, as a client of Regency Factors, we are transparent over the fees that we charge, and what they mean for your business.  

Moreover, we also have expertise in trade finance which can further enhance your client's cash flow and growth opportunities.


Our wealth of experience in these areas ensures that we can tailor solutions to specifically meet your clients' needs, positioning them for sustained financial health and business prosperity.


We believe in creating an environment where businesses can thrive without being burdened by cash flow constraints.

At Regency, we understand that every business has unique needs and that one solution may not fit all, we're committed to providing bespoke finance, enhancing your clients cashflow and business funding strategies.

This is why each of our clients - irrespective of their size - reap the benefits from the specialised knowledge of a relationship manager. Our personalised approach ensures an effective finance solution tailored to your clients requirements.

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