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Unlocking the Potential of Invoice Finance and cashflow: Here’s What You Must Know

Invoice finance products allow you to access funds by using your business’s outstanding invoices as collateral, therefore boosting your cashflow.

Why would a business choose invoice finance over traditional finance?

Invoice finance serves as a practical funding solution, leveraging the most significant asset within most businesses – the receivables ledger or the monetary value owed to a business by its debtors.


Traditionally, this ledger gets treated as an idle asset, waiting for payment based on pre-agreed terms. However, through the application of an invoice finance facility from Regency, this asset becomes active security for funding for your business.

The banks are also very slow to move business finance applications forward, with some taking more than 6 months to progress. However, in stark contrast, invoice finance applications are processed in a significantly shorter time span, often approved within mere weeks. This speedy process allows businesses to seize opportunities rapidly and embrace growth with the help of improved cashflow.

When should a business seek invoice finance?

There are several reasons why a viable business would contact Regency about a bespoke invoice finance facility. They might have cash-flow issues (due to longer payment terms), need to restock quickly but are waiting for invoices to be paid before they can, or simply want faster moving cash flow to open various growth opportunities.

Is invoice finance the answer?

Regency has been providing working capital solutions, including invoice finance, for more than 30 years.

How can we work with your business? Contact our team to discuss our bespoke invoice finance solutions.


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