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Invoice Finance Case Study: Transforming Business through Financial Solutions

This case study explores the journey of a freight company established by former rivals who combined their diverse skills and knowledge to provide bespoke solutions in the freight industry. Their professional approach and deep understanding of ocean freight operations have been pivotal in building a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the South West.

The Beginning

Being established by colleagues who had previously been rivals, they discerned a unique opportunity to combine their diverse skills and knowledge in the freight industry. Building on their unique strengths and diverse experiences, the founders have been able to deliver bespoke freight solutions that cater specifically to the needs of each industry they serve.

Establishing a Reputation

Their professional approach, coupled with a deep understanding of ocean freight operations, has enabled them to build a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the South West. Their vast experience has rendered them a specialist in the freight industry, constantly striving to deliver unparalleled service standards to their esteemed clients. Their local services are meticulously tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of excellence.

fREIGHT Manager

Expanding Horizons

Simultaneously, their expansive network of interconnected offices across the globe enables them to offer solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, aligning with the global business objectives of their clients.

Recognising Limitations and Exploring New Solutions

Recognising the growth limitations imposed by their current business model, the directors began to explore alternative financial solutions. This led them to consider invoice finance. For more than 30 years we have been structuring innovative financial solutions, including invoice finance, which unclogs cashflow and creates more time for other important things in your business.

Implementing Invoice Finance

By implementing an invoice finance solution, they could provide services now and receive payment later, thus attracting larger contracts that were previously out of reach. This approach would not only facilitate expansion but also foster stronger relationships through providing customers with credit terms.

Download the case study

Case Study - Shipper
Download PDF • 1.71MB


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