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Regency Factors: A Year in Review

As we bid farewell to this eventful year, it's time to look back and celebrate the victories and milestones achieved by Regency Factors. From new client onboarding to website revamp, from team expansion to improved credit control, it's been a year of continuous growth and advancement.

More than 30 New Clients Successfully Onboarded

This year, we successfully onboarded over 30 new clients, an increase of over 30% compared to 2022. It's not just about the numbers, but the diversity in our clientele that we're proud of. From couriers to artwork suppliers, we've provided financial solutions to businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Client Success for a Positive Onboarding Experience

In line with our commitment to client success, we introduced a dedicated team member to work closely with new clients and the Regency team. This spearheaded a more positive and streamlined onboarding experience, ensuring smooth communication and swift resolution of any issues.

A Brand New Website for Regency

2023 also saw the launch of our revamped website, a platform to share Regency news and updates. With a user-friendly design and comprehensive information about our services, the website reflects our commitment to transparency and customer-centric approach.

Credit Control Expansion

Our credit control department saw a significant expansion this year with the addition of three new credit controllers. This not only strengthened our team but also improved our efficiency and effectiveness in managing credit for our clients.

Client Relationship

This year we also expanded our client relationship team to ensure that all our clients receive the personal touch for their individual needs. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide customised services, building a strong and lasting relationship with each client.

New Year

As we step into a new year, we're ready to assist more businesses with their financial needs. Whether you're a new business looking for start-up cash flow solutions or an established one seeking to improve your financial management, we're here to help.


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